Art Classes

Currently, I am only teaching Tuesday nights 6:30p-9:30p at the New York Academy of Art, located in Tribeca, 111 Franklin St., NYC 10013 (near the Franklin St. 1 train stop).

The class is called “Intermediate Drawing into Painting”, Tuesday nights, 6:30p-9:30p.

It is a great class for new students or students who feel the need to review or relearn some fundamentals. See my Art Class Overview below.

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Art Class Overview

Through a series of 5 projects we move from investigating the fundamentals of drawing (achieving the right shape) into understanding light (first with pencil then with black and white oil paint). After that, we study color using a limited palette.

All projects are done from handouts of master works provided by the instructor (Projects 1 and 2 Charles Bargue, Project 3 William Bailey, Project 4 Leonardo Da Vinci, and Project 5 Jean-Baptiste Simeon Chardin).


Material are simple drawing and oil painting supplies. They don’t need to be expensive, just good quality. Students provide their own materials.

Click here for a materials list on the NY Academy’s website:

Teaching Philosophy

As a teacher, my focus is on how to apply fundamental principles and concepts to observational drawing and painting.  I was a long-time student of Ted Seth Jacobs and Mr. Jacobs strongly influenced me as both an artist and teacher.

I give demonstration lectures in which I teach structure, anatomy, perspective and practical color theory, as needed.  In class, I attend to each student at the easel and give an individual critique about how to directly apply abstract principles. 

To this end my students have learned to analyze nature and effectively organize their materials in order to depict how they see the world. I have had several students go on to receive MFAs from the NY Academy and I have had many others participate in competitive arts programs, exhibitions and events.